SOBeads started functioning in 2012 in the tradition of folk art ....or improvisational social art, giving Sofia the opportunity to express herself, develop hand making skills and build community. 4 years later, in 2016, she has reached her most personal expression, she’s painting. Able now to handle the brushes and sticks, and expand on the growing images. We believe in her and do what helps give her a platform for self expression and the opportunity to connect with others and support her life as the artist she is.


My name is Sofia. I created SOBeads in 2012.

I am an artist.

My work life is to make art with paint, beads, collage, sewing, weaving and needlework by figuring things out with other people. I finger spell, use some ASL, use a communication app on my ipad, have cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities. I gather supplies, scavenge recycled materials, bring people to sit with me and make something together. Usually we have side adventures along the way, like with my two cats or getting food to eat.  She

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paint        bead        sew        glass        loom / needle